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Google Crushes Small Business Owners

Google Crushes Small BusinessWas your small business site crushed by Google’s “quality updates” for no apparent reason and without any warning? Mine was …

One of my most successful sites that I spent 12 years working hard, honestly and caring about was. I saw my organic rankings erased in most cases and in others pushed back many pages which is as good as erasing. I saw 1500-2000 visitors a day reduced to a couple hundred … along with my revenue.

Google wouldn’t tell me what I did that warranted this action by them. I did the best I could on SEO being that I wasn’t an expert, never black hatted or intentionally did anything that could falsely cause ranking changes, spent a fortune on AdWords. Which would have been better spent elsewhere since Google allowed a mega competitor of my to be #1 on my exact trademark 96% of the time. Which btw … Google called being “competitive” … but that makes no sense when they can out spend me 10,000x over and caused me to burn through my budget just trying to stay close. If it was are relevant keyword and I couldn’t bid with them … fine. But not on my TM … that’s not competitive … that is allowing blatant TM infringement and using my TM to steal my customers.

I’ve spent the last 2 years trying everything I can to get Google to see me as the quality, trusted, branded site that it is. With minimal success in doing so … I seem to have “stopped the bleeding” but I have burned through most of my liquidity doing this. Now it looks like I am going to have to come up with a very sizable amount of cash for more work on the site by developers, hiring a good SEO and much more massive marketing effort. Tho while this has been life altering for me in massive ways … at least I can say that my business contrary to Googles “opinion” of it was strong enough, trusted enough to survive and I have made it my main goal of getting back to the top. Which is more than MANY other small business owned site owners can say since Google just completely devastated them with no way of surviving.

This is a very, very brief idea of the hell I’ve been put through by Google’s Panda, Penguin and “quality updates” … more will be added. If you have a story to share please do … I and others would like to hear it.



Update for May 20, 2015

BIll Hartzer just published an interview with me on his blog at the following link: