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Critical Tools for a Business Owner

You know well what is needed in order to deliver the services or products you offer. However, here we list the critical tools that every business owner needs besides the tools specific to his or hers industry.

Domain Name – Choose a domain name that matches the name of your business. Many prospective customers will research your business online. And most of the time they will enter your business name into the Internet browser address bar. Also go with a dot com domain. This is the most popular extension that everyone is familiar with. Use your domain as your email address: you@yourdomain.com.

Website – It is important that your business has a website. It doesn’t need to be extensive. Just a page about your company, another about your services and products, and a page with contact info. Businesses without a website are not considered serious anymore.

Smartphone – Phones that are powered by Android, Apple’s iPhone, or Blackberry are best suited for business. You will need to research which phone is best for you but all three can be used to access and send email on the go, are WiFi capable so you can connect cheaply to the Internet at any hotspot. But Internet and email are not the only reason why smartphones are important to businesses. It is also their scheduling functionality, access to business applications, the ability to create and edit documents, and being able to connect and sync them with your computer.

Computer – Whether you go with a desktop, laptop, or both depends on your needs and budget. One thing is for certain, you need a good, fairly recent, computer where you can keep your files, write letters, connect to the Web and email, etc. A computer is definitely a must for business.

Printer – You should have a reasonably good printer. Color is ideal. The reason for a good printer is that you can create and print letterhead as needed, invoices, brochures and other marketing material. There are many good inkjet and laser printers on the market that don’t cost an arm and a leg.