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Email Tips for Business Owners

Email is probably the most popular application on the World Wide Web. And no wonder, it has become the preferred way to communicate and stay in touch. While a phone call is more personal, it means that the business owner or customer receiving the call must stop the work at hand, or at least continue distracted, and engage the caller by giving full or part of their attention. With email, on the other hand, the recipient can mark the email for later reading and response. Important emails can be written taking one’s time so such emails tend to be well thought out. Also business communication via email can be tracked and used as a digital ‘paper trail’. If at any time there is any misunderstanding then previous emails can be used as reference.

As a business owner, you need to be aware of the marketing power of email and tap into it. First and foremost, keep in front of you at all times the goal of building an email list of prospects. Every time you meet a new prospect, ask if you can add them to your email list. Sending out periodic marketing emails to your list can get you new business and keep your services constantly in front of your prospects. Next, whenever you send out email to anyone, including friends and family, or responding to any emails, add a professional signature to your emails. If you are replying, make sure the signature is above the copied sender’s message. A professional signature should include your name, phone number, business name, and a small tag line.

Putting in practice these few but important tips, will allow you to utilize the low cost marketing power of email.