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Free Marketing Strategies for Home Based Business

As a small business you need to have a long-term marketing plan for growing your business online. At the same time your budget is limited. As such, you want to take advantage of all available free strategies for marketing your small business. Here are the top three marketing strategies for your home based business.

Blogging – You can get a free blog very easily these days. The most popular are Google’s Blogger, www.blogger.com , and WordPress.com. Both offer excellent features at no cost to you whatsoever.

Facebook – In order to succeed with social media marketing, Facebook is a must. Now you can create free pages as a business. The timeline feature on Facebook makes your business page look attractive at the same time. When people like your page and it is linked to your business site, this will increase traffic and popularity to your business.

Classifieds – There is a wealth of qualified options that are free. You can do a search on Google for your area’s classifieds. There are also Craig’s List (Craigslist.com) and Kijiji (kijiji.com) that are nationally known and offer local classifieds.

These three free marketing strategies will go a long way to promote your small business but also will require some time and dedication from you. However, the end results are worth it.