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Google finally caught manipulating search results in EU and fined $2.7 BILLION!

Well, let me tell you folks that the below is finally an 0utcome that starts to apply justice to a corporation that has for many years been “untouchable” for it’s anti competitive practices.

Google Crushes Small Business

Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Fine Over Search Results

EU orders Google to treat rival comparison-shopping services equally in its search results

Their “couldn’t care less” attitude about those many small businesses either wiped out or severely damaged “unintentionally” was something I’d never experienced before. They called us “collateral damage” created by their algorithm updates so casually while small businesses and their owners … like me … were basically told to f – off. Google refusing to lift even finger to point us in the direction of repairing what was destroyed without cause by the Panda/Penguin.

I wasn’t expecting an armored car to drive up and leave a million $$$. But as a business owner who always tried to do best I can … and remain honest instead of blackhatting the system. Not once in a decade getting a penalty or warning for my site.

My moral and ethical beliefs were shattered … how can a mega corp who admittedly made “collateral damage” out people’s livelihoods at least  release some potential remedies for the life altering damage they admitted causing? This ruling in the EU that fines Google $2.7 billion for playing their company killing games for self benefit won’t make me whole or give me back all of the stress and utter frustration it caused me.

But it’s movement in the right direction. Maybe it will open a path to address no less actions from the corporation that has come to rule net search and crushes the little guys to squeeze every penny for themselves.