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Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Every business needs a strong and well defined marketing strategy that includes all available online and offline options. Here are the most standard marketing options available to you as a business owner. Of course these can have creative and original variation depending on your creativity.

Online Marketing Options

– Email marketing involves building a permission based list of email addresses and send periodic emails to you list. You can do this via an email subscribe form on your website and by asking permission from people that email you or that you meet and know.

– A business website will act as online business brochure. Having a professionally built website will create a strong trustworthy image for your business.

– Search Engine Optimization is the system of making your website easy to index by the search engines and also make your site more relevant for keywords used in searchers by your prospective clients. Search engines is the primary way to gain qualified traffic to your website.

– Social media marketing involves having a profile page on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (among others) and having those pages link to your website. It also involves having a regular participation in those sites.

Offline Marketing Options

– Brochures and business cards are important collateral marketing items that you can use at any time, whenever you meet a new prospective client, at trade shows, or sending letters.

– Mass form letters can be effective if you can reach the decision maker of a company. You can use business directories available at your public library or you can purchase access to online business directories. Since most online business directories only provide basic info for free, you likely will need a subscription to access specific details like who is the CEO or General Manager.

– Signs are easy to get and can advertise your business for free. You can get magnetic signs for your car, lawn signs to put in front of your home, and signs you can post elsewhere if and when permitted. Always be sure to include your website and email address on any sign you make. Additionally, you should make sure that the signs are easily readable and that you can get pertinent info with 5 to 10 seconds easily. You have to assume most people will be driving or stopped at a red light when they see your sign.