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May 2018 – People are finally getting scared by Google’s Power

Google Crushes Small Business

May 2018 –

Finally … People are finally getting scared by Google’s Power … About Time!

I had more or less put Google crushing my rankings for no deserved reason along with my revenue. This was no small task and still is hard some days to accept that Google turned my and thousands of other small businesses/websites into what they actually called “Collateral Damage”. I guess the thing is that in my world … if I screw something up … acknowledge doing it … try to offer some assistance at least to make up for the trouble. That’s just what
you do as an ethical and moral person. But I got a very hard lesson that it’s not the way mega corps like Google work … they screwed me out of a decade of busting my behind building Ticketstub.com and set me back to square one. Not a single penalty or warning EVER … as I did what I could the best I could. Wasn’t perfect but it worked well enough for me.

People called me names for being so focused just getting through to Google and not asking for money .. just asking to give me an idea of what their new algorithm didn’t like. That way I could have just done whatever was required by Google and gotten on with my life. But basically I got brushed off at all angles …”go read the faqs” … Google had gotten too big too care about anyone or anything. They could have simply created a site that would scan oursand point us to what was needed to be addressed like a bunch of SEO companies had already launched. So many of the collateral damage sites could have survived.

Anyhow … people told me I was hallucinating, paranoid, self important, that I had no right to complain as “it was just business not personal”. Took awhile
but pretty much resigned myself to that. Making myself crazy trying to get government to look at a “little guy” crushed by mega corp like Google wasn’t going to solve the problem and based on lots of looking I couldn’t find others that were so damaged by Google. Anyhow, 60 minutes just did a piece on exactly what happened to me and so many others …. and how Google controls 80-90 of the search results, they can determine what businesses get the higher quality traffic … saw a vertical they saw a vertical they could exploit and force out the competition. If there ever was a great example of a monopoly it’s Google …


If anyone is still actively trying to get Google to make good turning your business into collateral damage. Please let me
me know. Not sure how I’ll proceed but if Google is exposed for these actions it would be worth discussing it at least since
since there in no statue of limitations. Contact zootgraphics@gmail.com